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At Elevated Medical, we are rewriting the story of health. We proactively tailor your care, going beyond lifespan extension to focus on the quality and vitality of every moment. Unlike traditional practices, we forge a sacred patient-physician relationship, with ease and access being top priority.
We are not just doctors, we are your partners in lifelong health.

About our Founder

Introducing, Dr. Avinish Reddy, a distinguished Internal Medicine Physician, who most recently worked at Early Medical, an esteemed medical practice founded by the renowned longevity expert, Dr. Peter Attia, the #1 New York Times Best Selling Author of Outlive.

Dr. Reddy is a sought-after physician due to his experience in the field of longevity and intellectual acumen in an ever-evolving landscape. He is research oriented and has long held a passion for combining science and medicine to prevent and reverse disease utilizing the most cutting-edge technology.

Our Team

His multifaceted professional career not only includes postural restoration therapy, and massage therapy, but focuses on neuroscience's pivotal role in optimizing human performance, stress reduction, and injury prevention.
Anywhere you are, We are.
We understand your high-mobile lifestyle and our care does not confine to the walls of a medical office or hours on a clock. Dr. Reddy only accepts a limited number of patients, so you can be sure that his time and expertise are dedicated to you.
Why Us?
Because while we're all about longevity, reaching your future goals also comes with instant perks.
Making you feel younger and doing things you haven't done in a decade.
Would you like to?
We think ahead, so you don’t have to.
There are two ways to measure life.
Lifespan is how many years you live and health span is how well you live.
At Elevated Medical, we optimize for both. We'll work with you to slow or reverse existing disease and to prevent or delay the onset of new disease, increasing both the duration and quality of your life.
Our Personal Risk Assessment
There are four key reasons for mortality.
Our customized assessment analyzes your risk and is created using advanced labs, imaging, full body MRI, cardiovascular testing, and genetics .
Cardiovascular Health
Cardiovascular disease is the leading causeof mortality among all demographics, with 655,000 annual fatalities in the US alone.
Standard Approach: Blood pressure andcholesterol screenings for heart attack riskbegin in the 6th/7th decade, assessinga 10-year risk
Our Approach:By utilizing a 30-year risk profile,we employ advanced lab testing and imaging,enabling us to diagnose heart disease risk threedecades earlier.
Result: Empowering our patients to proactivelyreduce their risk long before the onset of thedisease process.
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Cancer Prevention
Cancer treatment has made tremendous progress since the mid 1900's, it still affects 1.9 millionAmericans annually, with over 600,000 deaths.
Standard Approach: Screenings (colonoscopy, mammograms) start at age 40 and 50, respectively.
Our Approach: Commencing colonoscopy screening at age 40, we emphasize comprehensive methods, including Full-Body MRIs, liquid biopsies, and advanced lab assessments, leaving no room for undetected threats.
Result: Proactive and aggressive screening, and intervening in the disease process early proves more efficacious in preserving your health compared to addressing cancer once it has developed.
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Neurodegenerative Health
Neurodegenerative disease affects 8.4 million people in the US, with prevalence rising.
Standard Approach: Screening typically starts when symptoms like memory loss or confusion are observed.
Our Approach: Employing genetic testing and thorough family history analysis for precision risk stratification before onset of disease.
Result: Our aim is to pinpoint high-risk individuals and tailor interventions—covering labs, diet, and exercise—to mitigate future risks effectively.
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Metabolic Health
Metabolic health plays a a crucial role as it behaves as a catalyst in the exacerbation of the other
3 causes of mortality. Diabetes, the usual endpoint of metabolic health, is seen in 34 million Americans, with another 88 million having pre-diabetes.
Standard Approach: Treat patients once they have diabetes or pre-diabetes, usually in 5th decade
Our Approach: We meticulously track patient labs through an oral glucose tolerance test and employ continuous glucose monitors for high-risk individuals.
Result: By identifying high-risk patients 7-10 years before diagnosis, we tailor diet and exercise interventions to effectively curb and even resolve the disease process.
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Your First Year with Dr. Reddy
We offer an annual membership.
Initial Consultation
Extensive Review of Family History
Baseline Assessment
Patient Goals
Review of Medical History
Comprehensive Labwork
Personalized Risk Assessment
Exercise Training Assessment with Trainer
DEXA Scan Analysis
Comprehensive Labwork
Full Body MRI
VO2 Max Analysis
Continuous Glucose Monitor Analysis
Risk Assessment Update
Goal Achievement Analysis
Renewed Goals and Focuses


”I started with Dr. Reddy just a few months ago, and I already feel younger and more alive than ever!”
Mike, 45y
“Unbelievable service. Being able to call my doctor from my fingertips is a luxury I never knew I needed, but now I can’t live without.”
Jeff, 38y
“I was on the brink of having gestational diabetes, but Dr. Avi went above and beyond for me with continuous glucose monitor, careful diet, and exercise program, allowing me to have a safe and healthy pregnancy”
Sue, 34y
“Dr. Reddy is remarkable. I have always been overweight and struggled with diabetes my entire life. Once I started with Elevated Medical, my blood sugar is controlled, my A1C is now normal, and I can now once again sit on the floor to play with my grandkids.”
Jason, 71y
“I’ve always been a skeptic, but Dr. Reddy holds you accountable and motivates you to strive just a little harder than you otherwise would.”
Ben, 50y

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